Thursday, September 06, 2007

Reactions of a returning American

Well, I'm finally safe at home on Long Island. It's been a great couple of days, but there's been a lot of adjusting and a lot of things that take some re-getting used to. Here are some of the things that have stood out to me, a long time resident of the Seoul metro area.

  • The trees here are so tall - Korea was pretty much deforested at one point and so the trees in many areas especially in Gyeonggi province were planted deliberately in the last forty years. The trees here in Rocky Point are old growth and they must be six stories tall at least, dwarfing even most of the trees that I saw even in the rural areas of Korea that I've seen.

  • The commercials - Nonstop commercials for the Army and prescription drugs, plus over the counter unproven hogwash pills available at Walgreens. Who am I to criticize Oriental medicine and its believers when the same thing goes on in America under a different name? Plus once the sun goes down basic cable has some of the most shocking commericals imaginable. Ben Stiller's got a new movie out and there's a scene in the commercial of him and his wife having rough sex. What the hell? And a full infomercial for Girls Gone Wild? Unnecessary.
  • So much personal space. I certainly can't complain about that.
  • So much of the food is so much saltier than I remember.
  • All the foods I missed - Cantaloupe, artichoke, cold cuts and Levy's Jewish Rye, Dutch Country Potato Bread and mom's breaded chicken cutlets with spaghetti and Hershey's Ice Cream.
  • My family have got every DVD ever - Deadwood, Battlestar Galactica, The Wire, Arrested Development all on DVD, plus practically every movie I haven't seen in the last four and a half years.
  • A Wii with no controllers - My family've got Wii but my brother in Boston's got both controllers. Thanks Rich.
  • My accent is back - I think the second I got out of the arrivals gate my Long Island accent came back somehow strawnger than it's ever been.


Jeff said...

America missed you, Joseph. Never leave us again. We promise to stop doing the things you don't like.

Rich Mondello said...

sorry about the controllers ill be home soon and bring them with me you sarcastic bastard. love rich