Monday, January 08, 2007

Citizens or human capital?

If you are a notable American citizen of Korean descent (like Hines Ward or Michelle Wie) you can expect to be feted like a returning hero should you wish to visit South Korea. If you are a South Korean citizen who's been abducted by North Korea, spent the last three decades there in captivity and then escaped thanks to the efforts of your wife, who never gave up and spent all the money she'd saved working as a cleaning lady to get you out of North Korea, you can expect to be treated as a nuisance by your own government. Because you represent zero opportunity for anyone in power to profit.
Nice, South Korean government, you lazy selfish pieces of trash.


Jeff said...

From everything I've read or seen, North Korea is the closest thing to "hell on Earth" as is possible for a human to create.

Joe Mondello said...

I believe that is the case, although the situation in North Korea is greatly downplayed here to allow South Koreans to live their thoughtless middle-class lives without any guilt.