Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Down a rabbit hole...

So I'm thinking I'd start my new blog translating a Korean comic book, get some good study done and improve my Korean, cherry-pick some choice inaccuracies and mine them for laughs. I wish it were that simple. It turns out an entire chapter of this book is essentially a reiteration of the classic anti-Semitic story about the wicked Jews controlling every bad thing that ever happened through finance and then essentially getting caught up in their own game by the holocaust. Now the blog is on hold (while the translation project goes on) while I explore my rights, so I don't get sued when I make this horrendous historical distortion public. I'm right to worry. Korea has a long history of the old 'Lock up Al Capone on tax evasion charges' technique, and I certainly don't seen to be sued for copyright infringement or anything like that.
But it's coming. It makes me sick when I think of all the innocent kids whose parents buy these books because they think they're educational, and they end up reading things like this (direct quote from the book):
We Koreans, who are hard-working and diligent and are sad to come in second, can amass great victories in America with our competitive spirit. But in the end each and every time we hit a barrier, and that barrier is the Jews. We Koreans, who don't know how to lose to any other race, can never surpass the wall of Jews in American society. This is not only true of Koreans: Every other race and ethnicity has this in common.

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