Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Paint Roller High Altitude Photo Blog

Now that I finished my foray into epic film-making I can share with you an awesome experience I had last Wednesday.
In the course of photographing Bucheon, the all-new Doosan We've the State apartment complex has come up repeatedly. What I have not mentioned is that I was given an opportunity to teach the engineers who built the thing, and I jumped at it, on the chance that I would be able to go up to the penthouse. Little did I suspect that I would also be allowed to go up to the helipad. That's right, Bucheon now has 9 more helipads than it did before.

Here's one of my tour guides, trying to get out of the way of the shot. What did he think I was photographing, shoes?

This is the view of the The State buildings that most rubes are more familiar with.

This is Yungyeong, the only female engineer on the site.

It's pretty neat how the buildings are all connected by overpasses. It's very Japanny

This is the view to the North.

And this is the view through the bars of the helipad. Walking on this grating is an exercise in irrational fear. Don't look down.

View to the West-Northwest

The people who live in these buildings have put up with over three years of noisy construction and soon they'll have to deal with an influx of new neighbors. I pity them.

Seoul lies between those cloud-shrouded mountains. On a clear day you can see Namsan tower from here, they say.

A view to the East-Southeast, including Bucheon station.

The view to the South-Southwest

My three tour guides.

You ask them not to do the V, but do they listen?

GS Square (formerly LG department store) on the right and Meokgeori street in the middle.

A closer shot.

This is what a $700,000 apartment's veranda looks like.

And this is the view from it.

And finally, the stately Wonmi Mountain.

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