Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some thoughts

I have been highly occupied with a)desperately looking for teachers to replace me and the other teacher at my school and b)actually getting a job. I don't think there is much of an apparatus for hiring foreigners who become minor internet celebrities in Korea's tradition-bound banks. So I have been unable to really get anything done at all except a lot of thinking, none of it fruitful. In short:

  • 'Interweb', 'intertubes', and any kind of willfully ignorant misnomenclature for the internet are not funny. Please stop.
  • I was hasty to dub America's painfully unfunny anticomedy as 'Adult Swim Comedy'. Both the Venture Brothers and Metalocalypse are great and not anticomedy.
  • 'How to Win Friends' and Influence People' is a great, hilarious and interesting book. Written in the 1930s and brimming with stories about Prussian noblemen, dowagers, Rudolph Valentino and farmboys-turned-magnates, it basically seems to be the first non-religious book to ever come up with a reasonable reason to be nice to people.

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Jeff said...

I'm always tempted to say something like "intertubes" (and maybe I have written it) but the popularity of such terms always gives me pause. Damn memes can be so annoying sometimes.

Venture Brothers is a great show.