Monday, July 23, 2007

From the helipad of the Financial Supervisory Service building, Yeouido

I've put up pictures from the top of this building before, but I wasn't able to get up on the helipad until last week. This afforded me a better view of the west than I'd had before.
Here's Mokdong, in all her glory. Immediately recognizable are the Hyperion buildings at Omokkyo station in the middle.

Panning to the right, the Assembly building, the Han River, and Yangpyeong-dong, with that I believe to be the Yanghwa bridge in the back.

Yeouido Park

A better shot just of Mokdong, with those same familiar towers

The Assembly building again, with, what is that, Olympic Stadium?

Gangnam and South-Central, residential Yeouido

Can't take my eyes off of that lush urban greenspace!

Namsan Tower, Han River, and name-that-construction.

Bukhan Mountain et al.

The FSS building smoking lounge.

Ol' Shiny, aka the 63 building.


Jon Allen said...

Great shots. It must have been quite a clear day.

It's the world cup football stadium.

The construction sites are International Finance Centre Seoul and beyond it the Parc1 Richard Rogers new skyscraper.
( more photos on my blog!)

Jon Allen said...

I've just re-read your post.
I could have sworn you asked what's that construction SITE. :)