Friday, July 20, 2007

Travis is back!

Yay, I am so happy, Travis is back. Travis's world was basically eaten by Coldplay roughly around the time that I left America. It was like the protomammals from Walking with Monsters, well on their way to world dominance when a swifter, more adaptive and poppier, more middle-of-the-road dinosaur called Coldplay usurped them, leaving them to burrow underground for 100-someodd million years before emerging to take their rightful place at the top.
Travis has always been awesome, and several of their songs are among my favorites, especially the brilliantly rocking U-16 Girls.

Unfortunately they didn't play that tune during their almost two-hour set at DC's 9:30 club, which was recorded by NPR's All Songs Considered, even though a kindred spirit in the audience was begging for it during the entire show. Do yourself a favor, download the concert and listen to the whole thing, I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face.

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