Sunday, March 11, 2007

Funniest thing I've read all week

From the Nathan Rabin's 'My Year of Flops' project, blogging about notorious film flops. Here is Rabin's interpretation of Lewis Black and Christopher Walken's characters in Man of the Year reacting to Robin Williams' riffing:

Black: Holy Smokes, I never thought [Robin Williams' character] could top the devastating satirical brilliance of his Viagra routine but now he's in such a zone comedy-wise he's like Michael Jordan slam-dunking from the three-point line with Jimmy Page standing on his shoulders playing a wicked guitar solo as fireworks explode in the distance to herald Christ's return.

Walken: Oh my God. My brain is going to explode with joy over the sheer humorosity of his being. I am literally going to die of laughter and then return as a ghost so I can laugh some more.

For whatever reason, the AV Club doesn't support copy-and-paste functions, so I had to type that all out myself. I was chuckling like an idiot the whole time. "Herald Christ's return", ha!

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