Sunday, March 11, 2007

More on AMP magazine

I went and checked out the website for KCAA, the organization that put worst man in the world Twephen Twee on the cover of its March 2003 issue.
New Synthesis KCAA Magazine Leders [sic] Society Total New Culture Creator

Here's another cover shot from this illustrious magazine:
For those of you who haven't read my epic nine-page tale of chicanery in Bucheon, in which I talk about Twephen 'the banality of evil' Twee, AMP magazine is the periodical that Mr. Twee handed to me which had him on the cover, grinning and squinting visionarily like so:
Anyway, it was obvious from the moment I saw him on the cover of something published by the "Korean CEO Academy Association" that this was a sham and that no such magazine actually exists. I finally had a chance this evening to sit down and check out their site this evening, and it's almost comical the level of laziness that they have brought to their ruse. The site consists of the above two photos, two items under the headline "KCAA Notice" and one listing under "KCAA Press Room". All of them were posted on June 9th 2006. Here's notice number one:
Here's notice number two:

And here is the sole piece of news put out by the Korean CEO Academy Association:

Now that's news you can use. I am truly glad that I have had the opportunity to find this fine website. The only other content on the site is ad pricing info. I could be the next cover story for AMP for as low as $1 per copy.

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