Monday, March 12, 2007

The Galactica finds Earth

And then what happens?
Laura Roslin: It is an honor to meet you, president of Earth, lost 13th colony of Kobol.
President: . . . Likewise. Kobol?
Rolsin: Yes, Kobol, our home world. You know, Kobol. Anyway, we're the last remnants of the other twelve colonies. Our planets were all destroyed.
President: Twelve planets destroyed, eh? Was it meteors?
Roslin: No, they were nuked by Cylons.
President: . . .
Roslin: Cylons are the robots that we built that rebelled, fought us, disappeared for forty years and then came out of nowhere to destroy or planets.
President: . . . And then you all escaped.
Roslin: Yes. Also they came back once and tried to control a new colony we were trying to set up.
President: So they aren't trying to kill you anymore?
Roslin: Right. Now they mostly want to get a half Cylon baby we've got. Also some of them are in love with some of us.
President: . . . In love with you? Babies?
Roslin: Well, yeah. I guess I forgot to mention they look just like us.
President: Look just like you, you say. And they've always been able to find you?
Roslin: Yeah, no matter where they go.
President: What do you think they would give us for you?
Roslin: Oh I'd say you'd be able to broker a treaty with them if you turned us over-- wait a minute, you wouldn't!
President: Do you what frequency they transmit on?

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