Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More on Kim Hye Su

It's come to my attention that the post I did about Kim Hye Su (김혜수) is being viewed a lot by people searching for images of her I imagine this is due to the American release of the recent movie Tazza (타짜). In the interest of helping these folks who may be curious about the actress but unable to find pictures of her on their own, I've decided to go find a bunch of pictures of her and put them in this post. I imagine there's some unfulfilled demand for these photos among English-speaking internet users and I am curious to see how many people will find them. Enjoy.

I just had to throw in that last one, from her new movie whose English name may be something like "The not-so-good family" (좋지 아니 한가)


Sha said...

Wow.. thanks for these pics. I watched 'My 11th Mother' and was totally taken by her performance. said...

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