Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting sick of fear

I had my last wisdom tooth out yesterday. Injections (very deep) in four spots, a five minute wait and then an attempt. I halted the procedure due to unendurable pain and the dentist gave me shots in two more spots. Another five minutes and he had me in a headlock again with a glorified pair of pliers clamped onto my upper right wisdom tooth, or love tooth (사랑니) as the Koreans call them. He pulled and it hurt nearly as much as it did the first time, but I had a sense that another injection woulld do no good, as I was numb from my nostrils to my throat except the area around my wisdom tooth. I knew from the other ones that my upper teeth were straight shots, easy to pull out, unlike my lowers, which had hooked roots and had to be decapitated and then have each root individually pulled out. I just closed my eyes and waited for the pain to pass. It was excruciating, but it did pass, amazingly fast, and the dentist was sticking a huge piece of gauze in my mouth before I knew it. He beckoned me over to look. "This is infection. This is why the anaesthesia didn't work" he would have said if he didn't speak such awful English. Drink milk in a half hour, take the gauze out in an hour, and here's a two-day prescription for pain killers, only take them if you experience pain. Boom, I was done inside of twenty minutes.
I imagined upon leaving that this must be what it's like to give birth to your fourth baby.

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Jeff said...

I had all four out at the same time in May. They gave me some drugs in an IV drip and I went right to sleep. I didn't feel a thing even when I woke up during the procedure. Of course, I was in discomfort for the next week.