Saturday, August 11, 2007

I may never be hungry again

I wake up in the morning and, far from wanting breakfast, I steel my already full stomach for another day of eating too much. Why, you ask?
Why, because I have to go out to eat with everybody I've ever met in Korea. And since they're not going anywhere, they want to go somewhere special. I literally haven't eaten anything normal in a week. Here's a partial list of the foods I've eaten and the places I've eaten them in.

  • Grilled duck, acorn muk (jelly), and a giant octopus pancake next to a waterfall
  • spicy grilled octopus (낙지 볶음) with another giant octopus pancake
  • All you can eat tuna sashimi and a ton of beer with my brother in law
  • Giant katsu (deep fried pork, fish, and chicken cutlets) and cold spicy noodles (냉면)
  • Heaps of fancy Chinese food
  • Rice cooked in a segment of a bamboo tree with about a million side dishes
  • VIPs (buffet)
  • Blue Ocean (buffet)
  • Dijon Euro (fusion-style buffet) twice
  • About a million patbingsu (sweet bean and shaved ice treats)
  • About a million free Starbucks coffees
It's like a Twilight Zone episode. I was excited about eating a lot of special things before leaving Korea for what promises to be a long time, and yet now, when someone says "We're going out for Seolleongtang (bone soup), which I actually love, I'm like 'Is there a size smaller than children's that I can order?' Damn lamely ironic twist!

By the way, my plans for today? Lunch with friends followed by dinner and drinks with other friends. Wincing? Consider it a certainty.

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