Thursday, August 16, 2007

I would like to thank the following people and institutions

for making my time in Korea what it was

  • My first boss in Korea, for giving me money that he knew he didn't owe me when I quit my job at his school because of the breach of contract that I believed he was responsible for. I later learned that he had been treating his teachers better than the average boss by far.
  • Kim Eunjung from Jangseungbaegi station and her mother, who let me stay in her house until I got a new job.
  • Beomjeong, for introducing me to my wife.
  • The Korean education system, for being woefully inadequite and creating the system in which I worked.
  • The makers of Bbungeobbang ice cream.
  • My wife's family, for treating me so well.
  • The fine people of Bucheon city.
  • Greg, for introducing me to my first job in Bucheon, and for later coming to work part time at our school.
  • The good folks down at the Financial Supervisory Service, whom I taught and from whom I learned a lot.
  • Confucius

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