Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The eventual result of ubiquitous video

If the Youtube-style video sharing technology remains legal and in its current form, eventually we are going to have to become completely comfortable with the full range of emotions and actions available to human beings.
That means accepting that sometimes good people say bad things, or change their minds or have bad moods. That means accepting that sometimes smart people do dumb things, and that effective and committed people have had changes of heart in the past. Most of all it means accepting that nobody's perfect and that sometimes you just have to let some things slide. Rosie O'Donnell is not racist for saying 'ching chong ching', John Edwards is not featherweight just because he sometimes preens for an uncomfortably long time in front of the mirror, and Karl Rove is not an A-hole because he participated in a rap.
The way I see it our two options are to grow up or allow our whole society to turn into junior high school.

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