Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ssangyong Automotive: Purveyors of Eye Poison (part 2)

Introducing the Ssangyong Kyron, another of Ssangyong's big puffy SUVs for people who don't know any better. I was actually planning to talk about the heinous Rodius next, but this little puppy caught my eye on my morning commute, and I had to vent at the aggressive ugliness being thrust upon me.
As the above profile view makes clear, the Aktyon is another in Sssangyong's slanty series of cars. This car sort of reminds me of a rabbit, actually.
The thing about these slanty cars is that the front of the car seems to be fading off into the fourth dimension like when the stranger in a strange land would disappear things. It looks like the back of the car is 20 feet closer than the front. Trippy.
I really like the above picture because it makes this car look like metric ton of cheap plastic and 'sporty' middle class aspiration.
But the thing that caught my ire today is the rear view of this car. It's like looking at a person with their eyes way too close together crossing their eyes while grinning.
Again, like the Actyon, a rear corner view of this car makes it look like a stretch limo, but with a little tiny rear window perched way up high on it. How they determined that people want to drive engorged tick-shaped vehicles is beyond me.

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