Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lee "Na"-young, stop "misappropriating" our "air"-quotes " "

There's a commercial on Korean TV for the Blooming apartment brand featuring Lee Na-young.
She knows your secret.

In the commercial she is sitting at a table and a waiter brings her a covered platter. He lifts the lid off to reveal "the apartment she ordered". She looks down and says:
(Gasps) "Two" bedrooms, one closet!
(침실 "두개", 옷장 하나.)

So she gives air quotes on the word 'two' and then puts up one finger on the word 'one'. What does she think air quotes mean? Are we meant to understand that air quotes mean 'two'?
I suspect that this is a desperate attempt to give meaning to Chandler from Friends' frequent use of the rhetorical device.

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