Monday, April 02, 2007

Ssangyong Automotive: Purveyors of Eye Poison (part 1)

Feast your eyes on the Ssangyong Actyon, one of the ugliest cars in God's creation. Some say that the most surefire way for a country to meet its Kyoto Protocol-mandated carbon emissions cap is to order people to drive Actyons.
Even a couple of hooched out flooziebots can draw the eye to the mind-entardening lines of the Actyon.

The really intriguing thing about the car is that in looking for a side view of the car on the internet I found only 3/4 views. It's truly an international conspiracy to hide the car's dumb-lookingness from the world. Try it yourself by looking at this Google image search for 'Actyon'. Here's a picture from a Russian site that seems to present a slightly skewed view as a side view

Here's a picture from a Chinese site that seems to be a sort of optical illusion to anyone who knows what the car really looks like.The only people not afraid to show the car's perfectly horizontal full side view are the manufacturers, Ssangyong. These are also the only people who never have to sell the car directly to the consumer.

Some quotes about Actyon from others:
BKK Autos - "Actyon is ugly, impractical, and feels cheap."
Broken Fin - "Ssangyong Actyon is so ugly that I feel that it is my moral obligation to inform the world of this catastrophe in automotive design."
Car Today (South Africa) - "Korea's SsangYong, the maker of spectacularly offensive vehicles like the Stavic, Kyron, and to a lesser extent Rexton II, has with the unveiling of the Actyon Sports double cab at the Auto Africa Expo, unleashed yet another automotive masterpiece onto the local market."
That last one was actually about the Actyon Sports, which is even more depressing:

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