Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yeosu: City of Dumb Dreams

So Korea is all atwitter about the city of Yeosu's bid to host the 2012 World Expo. So I was watching a fifteen minute series of promotional 'news' stories on the evening news yesterday when a computer generated flyby of the future city of Yeosu caught my eye.
I said to myself I said "Self, you've seen that building before." And indeed I had,. It's the Burj Al Arab, or a facsimile thereof.But that's not the only thing in the picture that you would be, um, unlikely to see in the present or future anywhere near Yeosu. Like The backpages of a Where's Waldo book, see if you can find
  • a biplane
  • four cruise ships
  • a tall sailing ship
  • three Costcos in a row
  • the entire Vegas Strip
  • a manly man under the age of forty

Also check out the mascot (and "auxiliary mascot")
Here they are in a variety of fun situations, including spreading out from all corners of the Earth (second row, right), greeting sea creatures, even though 'auxiliary mascot' Badalang is himself a clam shell (first row, third from left) and being banned (second row, second from left). Incidentally, the main mascot Yeosulang is a jagged coastline. Also, the mascot's page has the audacity to say that the various colors represent the Yeosu regions "diverse cultures".

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