Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm screwed

Today, at my school, 5:00, Elementary C Class, students' age: ten and eleven.

Me: OK everybody, take out your notebooks, time for a test!
Judy: How do you say "Gongbu anhetta" in English?
Me: "I didn't study."
Freddy: How do you say "Mang hetta" in English?
Me: "I'm screwed."
Freddy: I'm screwed!
(long pause)
Judy: Me too I'm screwed.
Nate: I'm screwed too.
Richard: We're screwed.
Kristen: Everybody screwed.
Freddy: Mr. Mondello today's test and everybody screwed!
Me: No, "I'm in trouble" is better.
Nate: We're screwed.

They retain so little of what I say, and yet any little slip-up and they never forget.

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Jeff said...

I worked summer recreation one summer and I only said "fuck" once. As in, "what the fuck is that kid doing". Of course there were like 12 little ones a couple of feet away.