Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cool things Korean (part 1)

There are times when those living in Korea are faced with the question "What am I doing here?" One of the best examples of such a time is during the early spring "yellow dust" season during which Korea is blanketed with, um, yellow dust from China's recently deforested desert region. Thanks China!

I was taking a picture of the tree but check out that yellow dust. This was ten o'clock Sunday morning.
And so when faced with media hysteria about yellow dust, I am left seeking justifications for my continued presence in a country in eminent danger of being completely plowed under by fine particulate matter. Here's what I came up with.

1. Corn Ice Cream
I'm talking about the Gunoksusu corn ice cream bar. a thick tube of corn ice cream with real corn niblets churned right in, wrapped in a thin layer of chocolate and ensconced in a soft corn-shaped wafer, giving it a strong resemblance to an actual ear of corn. Here's the wrapper

And here's a cross-section.

Unfortunately I was not able to coax a niblet to the surface to be photographed, but imagine a soft, chewy piece of corn in chilly corny ice cream. Makes all that severe respiratory risk worthwhile.

2. T Money
Actually the whole concept of proximity cards. So you want to ride the bus or subway? Get yourself a transit card, either a credit card with transit card capabilities or a debit transit card, and you never have to take it out of your wallet or purse. When you go through the turnstyle or get in the bus, just slap your whole wallet or bag onto the T Money thingy and it will deduct the appropriate amount from your account or charge you. Better still, when you get off the bus to transfer, slap that puppy on there again and it'll automatically discount your transfer.
But the single coolest thing about the whole proximity technology is that it's not limited to cards.

That's my student Ucheol's phone, and the little black cell phone bauble to the left is his T Money card. See the little gold T on there? It's smaller than a ring pop for crying out loud!

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